Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Translate English to spanish? ?

Sorry i just posted this and realized i put spanish to english..anyways

"I love you. And I love us. You have my heart, now and forever. Now tell me baby, Do I have yours?"

"Over a year together papii, and our love only gets stronger"

My bf's mexican. and every month i send him a lil text in spanish, he thinks its cute.

and i know its spelled 'papi' but its his nickname so i spell it 'papii', just for the people who think i cant spell...

Please and thanks in advance!!!

and if you have any other ideas of something i can send him, it would be awesome too! thanks!!!!Translate English to spanish? ?
te quiero, quiero a nosotros. tu tienes mi corazon ahora y siempre. ahora dime bebe, yo tengo el tuyo?

mas de un ano juntos papii y nuestro amor solamente se hace mas fuerte.

thats good. im mexican so its right. i would feel good if someone told me that.

good luck

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