Friday, February 10, 2012

Any good websites that translate spanish to english?

i am doing a spanish homework assignment and their are some words and phrases that i dont understand. if you know any good websites that could help me translate sapnish to english it would be very much appreiciated. thankyou all soooo much for your help.Any good websites that translate spanish to english?

it isn't 100 percent accurate, but it should be pretty goodAny good websites that translate spanish to english? good websites that translate spanish to english?


use it all the time!鈥?/a> is the best!! just make sure you use corret grammar and spelling. hope i helped =] have a nice day.
Why don't you do what I did when I was transferred to Mexico- go BUY a Spanish-English dictionary that includes phrases.
They're funny things because they churn out answers that usually don't make a whole lot of sense.

I speak spanish if you want to edit your post with what you need translated and I'll come back and repost.鈥?/a>

The problem with these websites is that it will translate it to very proper terms and there are many words and phrases in spanish that don't translate well. It takes a person that truly understands both languages to translate it correctly. If you want you can email the doc and I will translate it for you.

Hope this helps:)
Certainly. If you go to there's some pretty good engines. They even translate phrases well, better than anywhere else I've been. (Good luck with the homework, spanish is complicated for me too!)

i dont know any good websites but i know spanish really good and english alittle bit of french too so why dont you ask me
gooogle translators work

but u should re-check them to make sure its rite

u havta rite watever u want translated exactly!
Yes,, It's not 100% accurate; but it gets the job done better than most translating sources. By the way use what your know and actually read it to make sure it makes sense and if it doesn't try to change the words or switch them around.

that site works but you have to do one word at a time usually, otherwise you get something totally different, What i did though when i was doing spanish homework was just putting what i needed and asking on Yahoo answers, there's lots of spanish speakers. is amazing! :)
Spanish to english I think. I am not sure. or give me the words in spanish and i will translate them for you.

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