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Can someone help translate Spanish to English?

alright, so i have a few words that i need to be explained, and i need the ending to be explain if you guys under stand what i mean. like when you want to say i talk its hablo, or i dance is bilo correct?

im really lost and i need these follwing words to be explained.





and hablan

thanks! Can someone help translate Spanish to English?
This is the verb HABLAR conjugated in the present tense.

hablo - I speak

hablas - You speak

habla - He/ She speaks

hablamos - We speak

and hablan - You guys speak. and They speak
hablo = I speak

hablas = you speak

hable = he/she speaks

hablamos = we speak

hablan = they speak

It's all from the infinitive verb hablar, which means to speak/talk.

Dance = bailar. the "ar" is the infinitive part you can take off (like in hablar), so you'd say:

bailo = I dance

bailas = you

baile = he/she

bailamos = we

bailan = theyCan someone help translate Spanish to English?
Yo hablo = I speak

T煤 hablas = You speak

脡l/Ella/Ud. habla = He/she speaks

Nosotros hablamos = We speak

Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes hablan - They speak

*for example: Yo hablo espa帽ol = I speak spanish.

Yo bailo = I dance

T煤 bailas = You dance

脡l/Ella/Ud. baila = He/she dances

Nosotros bailamos = We dance

Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes bailan = They dance

*eg. : Yo bailo salsa y merengue = I dance salsa and merengue.

Present tense.Can someone help translate Spanish to English?
(yo) hablo - I talk

(tu) hablas - You talk

(el/ella/usted) habla - he/she/it talks

(nosotros) hablamos - we talk

(ellos/ellas/ustedes) hablan- they/y'all talk
All of those conjugations are for the word HABLAR which means "To Talk"

Hablo= i talk

Hablas- you talk

Habla- he, she or it talks

Hablamos- We talk

Hablan- They Talk

Its Habla by the way not Hable.
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