Thursday, February 9, 2012

Translate spanish - english help please?

nos queremos un chingo cabron........

and how would you say: we miss you very much / loads

we hope to see you soon!

you are a good friendTranslate spanish - english help please?
two of your words ("chingo" and "cabr贸n") are more like profanity, but you probably already know that...the closest translation would probably be:

"we love each other a f*******g lot, dude"

and how would you say: we miss you very much / loads:--- te (or "los") extra帽amos mucho. (or, in slang, (Mexico): te/los extra帽amos un mont贸n.

we hope to see you soon! ---隆Esperamos verte/verlos pronto!

you are a good friend---"Eres un buen amigo" or "Eres una buena amiga"
I don't want a goat?Translate spanish - english help please?
YOU INDECENT !Translate spanish - english help please?
means: we don't want money f#ck%26amp;ng bastard or something like that
this type of phrase would only be used between men..its like "we love each other a lot man/dude!!"

we miss you very much - if you're using the same type of slang, te extranamos un chingo... for a more serious type of saying, te extranamos mucho!

we hope to see you soon - esperamos verte muy pronto

you are a good friend - eres un buen amigo (if its a girl you're saying this to, you'd say eres una buena amiga)

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