Friday, February 10, 2012

Can someone translate? English to spanish?

Its a personal letter, and I need someone to translate it. I need someone who is very fulent in spanish and english. Thanks!Can someone translate? English to spanish?
Soy fluido en espanol e ingles.

I am fluent in spanish and english.

Send me the letter and I will translate it for you.. quickly, and correctly.

Envieme la carta, y la traducire, rapidamente y correctamente.
I am fluent, but what needs translation.

Ensenamelo!Can someone translate? English to spanish?
i can helpCan someone translate? English to spanish?
go to

its so helpful!

i hope it helps u!
yes i can translate to you any thing to any thing, but tell me first what is your sex
Puedo ayudarle, yo estudi茅 el espa帽ol por seis a帽os.

I can help you, I studied spanish for six years. have had lot of offers for the translation....

Anyways, if you think i can help, i'm at ur service

fluent in english and spanish my mother lang
I can translate for you if you wish. I am fluent in both languages.
I have studied both languages for years.

Please send me the letter by e-mail ( and I'll translate it for you.

Yes, but where is it?

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