Friday, February 10, 2012

How can I translate from Spanish to English?

Want to translate from Spanish to English following:

Si soy tu amigo pero relajate tantito. Where do I obtain this translation?How can I translate from Spanish to English?
Here you go:鈥?/a>
either look at your textbook, and try to figure it out, go to a spanish textbook and figure it out, or go to a translator machine, like at dictionary.comHow can I translate from Spanish to English?
go to google type in free online translator and theres one there it will do 150 words at a time translates lots of different languages too i use it a lotHow can I translate from Spanish to English?
online translators really dont help though cuz most of the time their inaccurate and take the wrong meaning of the word.
Both of those answers are good but to add on to them, try

You can translate indiviual words (including conjugated verbs) and piece it all together. I believe that sentence says:

Yes I'm your friend but relax/calm down silly/stupid (%26lt;==Depending on how well the speaker knows the person they're talking to and the tone etc.)

Hope that helps a bit. =)
it basically means 'yes i am ur friend but relax a bit' x
There are many sites on the web that can translate it to you. try:

I'm fluent in Spanish %26amp; this is my translation: Yes, I am your friend, but relax a bit.

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