Friday, February 10, 2012

Best site to translate english to spanish?

I have meet spanish couple on holiday ,none of us speak the others language I would like to sent emails in spanish ,I have tried some sites but they bring in a lot of other things with them I would like to write the sentence in english and translate it to spanishBest site to translate english to spanish?
Either use a proper dictionary or another native Spanish speaker. ALL online "translator" sites are downright dreadful and so inaccurate that no-one should never call them "translators" in the first place, let alone use them.
well.. I study spanish and advanced 2's and I often use google translate for a phrase, or word reference (an online dictionary) for one word and some colloquial expressions.

However, google translate can be inaccurate,but it's often understandable, if you can't see the mistakes, but the best way to check, is to re-translate it back into the other language =D

But word reference is VERY good for translating word by word, although it won't give you verb conjungtions ie... I do (it will just give you 'hacer' ), in which case type it into google 'verb table for hacer' and it will give it to you =D

Hope this helpsBest site to translate english to spanish?
If you know some Spanish already and know how to construct basic sentences, I'd recommend

If you don't know any Spanish, Google Translate is your best bet. It's inaccurate, but it's a lot more accurate than many other online translators or thumbing every word through a dictionary. If you do use Google Translate, keep your sentences simple. Expect for to arrive them sentences that look to like this, except in Spanish, and don't having make the most sense sometimes.Best site to translate english to spanish?



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