Monday, February 6, 2012

Translate english to spanish for me please?

Here is a sentence(s) that i was having trouble translating "good" in my spanish 4 essay homework. Please look over my sentences in enligsh and translate them to spanish (not from a website please!)

the similiarties of friendship and love is that they both have unconditional care for eachother as its relationship is deep and intimate. Also in friendship and love, there are many great meories to remember although the memory could be sad or bad.Translate english to spanish for me please?
This is how Id translate it

Las cosas similares entre la amistad y el amor es que los

dos tienen un carino sobre ellos y las relaciones son profundas y intimas. Tamien en la amistad y amor ay muchas memorias para recordarse a un la memoria puede ser triste o mal.

Ps carino is care just add the accent
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