Friday, February 10, 2012

Translate book from Spanish into English?

I am a writer and need to translate a book from Spanish into English. While this book is popular among Spanish speaking people, I would also like to expand its audience and increase book sales by translating it into English. I am looking for either a professional translator who is experienced and knows how to appropriately translate a book from Spanish into English (perhaps a published translator) or for a translation company. It does not need to be local as I will send all the files electronically. So really location does not matter. What matters the most is the quality and price for book translation.Translate book from Spanish into English?
Prior to recommending a great translation company I would like to make sure you realize all of the steps involved in successful book translation from Spanish into English or any other languages. Simply translating a book is not enough, any translation needs to be proofread and then edited to ensure high quality. These steps need to be performed by different specialists so I would recommend choosing a translation company over an individual translator.

Prime Language Services:鈥?/a> has been a leader in translation business for over 10 years and continues to deliver high quality translation at a very affordable cost. Your book translation will go through a stringent quality assurance process thus helping you succeed as a writer for new audience.

Translate the book from Spanish into English with Prime Language Services and you won't regret it. Their translation services have been a savior for me. Also if you have any questions on how to translate book from Spanish into English, drop them a note at Wishing you lots of success!Translate book from Spanish into English?
This should be in a help wanted or similar ad not a general question. I do know some professional translators and they charge accordingly.

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  1. I'm a foreign language teacher (french and german) and read with great interest what you write here. Your last phrase is essential. You use google translate yourself, when you know the actual language reasonably well. But at lower levels (i'm teaching french in upper secondary school)students also use it for their homework and I'm afraid they learn too little. I would like to get in contact with teachers who have good ideas for homework that means lots of learning on an elementary/ intermediate (I had to look up the last word on google translate - from french ;)) level.
    Christian translation
    spanish translator