Thursday, February 9, 2012

Please help me translate English/Spanish?

so last minute assignment,

i need to say a few things in Spanish. . and its due tomorrow, I'm just such a procrastinator

it only needs to be one or two paragraphs in Spanish and English talking about ways to help our environment. .

If someone would want to help me out on this, i would really appreciate it. Normally i would try to use a translator from the internet, but i really would rather ask someone who knows the language. it just seems better this way. .

things like:

It is important to unplug all electronics

turn off lights, conserving water, etc. .

it really doesn't have to be long. but i would really be obliged if someone could do this really fast.Please help me translate English/Spanish?
Existen muchas cosas que nosotros podemos hacer en casa para proteger el medio ambiente. Muchas de las cosas mas faciles son : desconectar los aparatos electricos cuando no se esten usando, no encender las luces si no se necesitan, no desperdiciar el agua, no usar mucho gas o/no usar mucho la chimenea porque eso produce mucho humo.

Hope this helps!

Good luck!!Please help me translate English/Spanish?
DO UR HOMEWORK!Please help me translate English/Spanish?
Es importante que desconecte todos los productos electrč´¸nicos

apagar las luces, la conservacič´¸n de agua, etc.

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