Friday, February 3, 2012

Cheapest way to translate English to Spanish?

I need to translate english to spanish for a speech. I have the speech ready in english but i need it translated to spanish for some guests. Only half a page that I have to read in spanish. Any idea how to translate it for free? Thanks.Cheapest way to translate English to Spanish?
Please don't use an automatic translator: you can get the most awful effects and will end up reading complete nonsense. If you do not know anyone ho speaks Spanish, you could go to this site which, apparently, offers free human translation.

If it does not work, another possible solution would be to use Yahoo answers. I know it sounds silly, but there are many Spanish speakers and you will be able to tell when one is inacurate by checking it against the other answers.
Add "La" to every word.Cheapest way to translate English to Spanish?
Do NOT use an online automated translator, you'll end up saying who knows what...well, if you want the speech to be funny because it makes no sense, then go right ahead! :)

Ask a native speaker to do it. I'm one and would do it for you -for free, of course-but don't wanna give out my e-mail address here.Cheapest way to translate English to Spanish? ? not sure, it might not exactly translate into the way you want it to.
Do you know any Spanish speakers, or do your friend/relatives know anyone?

That's all I can suggest, things like a Spanish-English dictionary would not work.
If you want top quality then pay for someone to do this for you. If you want OK/bad translation then use the free version. Just search on google for some free translation websites where their is lots.
Say it louder, and slower, for your spanish speaking guests....or kindly tell them to learn english, or enjoy not understanding a single word. If you went to mexico, would you expect to see everything in spanish, and english?
pls. use the following link.

hope this helps.
Poste your question here at yahoo answers and it's 100 % free... and do not try any online translator...all you will have back is some kind of text that any spanish speaker will understand !

native speaker.
This site is pretty good,, i used it when i was studying abroad and i had to write my essay in spanish. Although like the others, it might not translate exactly as you want and it translates 150 words at a time.鈥?/a> i use it everytimeeeeee :)
Use MS word...just type the sentence and right click go to translate and select the language.
Google auto-translator is not bad at all.
Most automated translators are not that good unless you get really expensive ones or hire companies to do it for you. If you have a bilingual friend, that's obviously the easiest way. If there is a spanish club on campus, that may be another way. As a last ditch effort, you can go somewhere that has day laborers, and find a spanish and english speaking person. Probably take only half an hour or so, and you could get their help for under $10.

A simple free translator can be found at Google -鈥?/a>

select the English to Spanish option and put the text you want to translate there. It will do a resonable job...
Yahoo Messenger Plug ins
Babel Fish is a free online translator. I'm not sure how good it is grammar wise, but when I use it to translate things back to english it makes sense (at least when the original grammar and spelling is right)

It'll be pretty textbook I imagine, so there wont be any slang of nifty little phrases, but I think it'll get you what you need.

I don't know of any other sites that use a different method to this (there's several sites using their interface now) but the only other free thing really would be to find someone spanish and ask them.
there's a lot of online translators on the internet. search for 'em in google and you'll get a list of translators. choose whatever you like and then translate. =)

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