Monday, February 6, 2012

Can someone please translate from Spanish into English?

The word sobre %26amp; sobr茅. They are words that appear to have many meanings. Can someone enlighten me as to when I might use them.. No online translations please, I could do that myself.

I know that sobrecaliente means "overheated" but that doesn麓t necessarily mean that sobre translates to over.Can someone please translate from Spanish into English?
A.) "Sobre" (masculine noun) means

1) envelope

2) packet (for soup) or satchet (for medicine, sweetener, etc)

3) bed (humorous use) (Ex: ir al sobre = to go to bed)

B.) "Sobre" (preposition) means:

1) on, upon, on top of

2) over, above

3) about

C.) "Sobr茅" (with an accent over the "e") is a conjugated form of the verb, "sobrar". See the conjugation chart for this verb here:鈥?/a>

"Sobrar" means

1) to be left (over)

2) to be more than enough

3) to be unnecessary
sobre = above, over, on

sobre la mesa = on the table

vimos la luna sobre nosotros = we saw the moon above us

sobre = about

hablamos sobre pol铆tico = we talked about politics

sobre = envelope, packet

sobr茅 (from the verb sobrar= to be left over) = i was left over

Hope that helps ;)Can someone please translate from Spanish into English?
sobre-. (From latin super-).

1. In addition to. Sobrearco, sobrecalza, sobrehaz.

2. To make more intense. Sobrealimentaci贸n, sobrehumano.

3. Repetition. Sobrearar, sobrecenar.

4. Sudden action. Sobrecoger, sobresaltar.

Sobrar (veb) From latin super膩re).

1. Overcome, exceed.

2. To do more that needed.

Then there's another meaning used mainly in Argentina and Uruguay as a verb.

Sobrarse - It means to act with extreme confidence.

Me sobr茅 en el examen. Fue muy f谩cil para mi.

No me sobres. Ya sabes que no me gustan las personas altaneras.

Sobrador - Of a person. Used to being selfsufficient. having extreme confidence in one's own resources, powers.Can someone please translate from Spanish into English?
It can mean on, over, or about.

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