Monday, February 6, 2012

Spanish translate to English. Please help me!?

Please translate the spanish into english. There are 2 videos that the story is on .. First video stopped then I finished the rest on the second video. The title of the story is "Papa Siempre Tiene La Razon" (Whats the title in english?) I'm trying to learn spanish. Thank you for the help! Much love =)

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Video 1 =

Video 2 = translate to English. Please help me!?
Daddy is always right. adaptation from hans christian Anderson

once upon a time there was a farmer that has a beautiful and lovely wife ,he has too few belongings

but there was something which he can't live without it, his all uses horse.with this horse the father plowed the earth.he ride it to go at the village ,he goes hunting with it,tied to the carriage and transport ed hay.or taking Mom for a trip, some times the neighbors asked to borrowed and of course a good will deserve a reward. nevertheless because the horse start to age,they thought that it could be more benefit to sell it or perhaps to change for something that were more day the wife said ,"today is shopping day ,why You don't go to the village and you sell or exchange it for something good for sure I will be happy with whatever You get for it" there was lot of people in the path that day ,using carriages, or riding horses or walking to the market place to sell or trade. lively riding the farmer reached a man that has a beautiful cow,the farmer thought "i bet that cow gives lots of good quality milk,it wouldn't be a bad idea to change my horse for the cow, I am pretty sure my wife would be happy if I bring a cow" the farmer yelled "listen You ,the man with the cow !.I would like to talk with You" ," i know a horse is more valuable than a cow but it doesn't matter a need more the cow,would You change You cow for my horse?" of course ,said the man with the cow,so the two men made the exchange of the animals.

now that he had change His horse for a cow the farmer was good to come back home..he achieved what He aimed for,but He was suppose to go to the market place so He went that way.if only to take a there he went urging on the cow.after a while he watch a guy with a ewe,a pretty ewe with lot of wool.....

no this is boring. no more bye. and I am sorrySpanish translate to English. Please help me!?
The title is: Dad is always right

Do you want to translate the whole videos? they are too long

I could help you, if you help me to write in english some videosSpanish translate to English. Please help me!?
So, if WE tell you what it says, how are YOU learning anything?
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