Monday, February 6, 2012

How do you translate the word "manta" (Spanish) into English?

"Manta" is a type of cloth used to make clothing and other things. I would like to know what that translates into in English. I've already looked at several Spanish-English translators but I know there's another word for it that people would know it by in English.How do you translate the word "manta" (Spanish) into English?
I think it's a kind of crude cotton.

I am not sure why I got thumbs down? I learned about it in Spanish class. It is a textile used to make a certain type of blanket in Latin America, but it is literally crude cotton.
Main Entry: man路ta

Pronunciation: \藞man-t蓹\

Function: noun

Etymology: Spanish, alteration of manto cloak, from Late Latin mantus, probably back-formation from Latin mantellum mantle

Date: 1697

1: a square piece of cloth or blanket used in southwestern United States and Latin America usually as a cloak or shawl

2[American Spanish, from Spanish; from its shape] : manta rayHow do you translate the word "manta" (Spanish) into English?
translator programs brign up the word "blanket"

maybe you have a picture of somethign made with it?

I could only find a picture with a chunk of manta in it but cannot tell what it would make. It seems somewhat course like denimHow do you translate the word "manta" (Spanish) into English?鈥?/a>

It means blanket or rug.
blanket and here

use this web site it helps my all the time!

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